We are an ISO certified high-quality textile supplier. Our manufacturing facilities are spread over a built-up area of 20,000 square feet which is divided into different sections for storage of yarn, testing of yarn, processing of yarn, weaving units, storage of fabric, quality control, etc. We are capable of weaving pile fabrics, jacquard fabrics and greige polyester fabrics with variable weave patterns, with our well-planned infrastructure.

The machinery that helps us to achieve our desired products are:

2 Cop winding machines

That helps us to transfer the yarn into the desired package suitable for handling on TFO twisting machines.

10 TFO twisting machines
10 TFO twisting machines

That helps us to twist the yarn as per our needs. Twist is the spiral turns given to the yarn in order to hold the constituent fibres or filaments together.

2 Steam ager & 1 Autoclave machine
2 Steam ager & 1 Autoclave machine

That helps to stabilize the charges by settling the twists which otherwise have a tendency to untwist when it is free at one of its ends.

Sectional Warping Machine

That helps us to present a sheet of parallel yarns with continuous length to the succeeding process (i.e. in loom shed).

2 pirn winding machines
2 Pirn winding machines

That helps us to rewound yarn from a bigger size package (like twisting roll, cone, cops, etc) onto a Pirn which is a smaller size package, thus improving the productivity and quality of the fabric.

120 Velvet shuttle looms

That helps us to weave Velvet 9000 fabric which is initially weaved as a double-layered fabric, furthermore cut into two single-layered pile fabrics.

120 velvet shuttle looms
4 rapier jacquard weaving machines
4 Rapier jacquard weaving machines

These are shuttleless weaving looms in which the filling yarn is carried through the shed of warp yarns to the other side of the loom by finger-like carriers called rapiers. They are equipped by jacquards which helps us to weave jacquard fabrics.

24 Water jet weaving machines

These are shuttleless weaving looms in which the filling weft yarn is inserted with the help of a water-jet nozzle. They are characterized in particular by high insertion performance and low energy consumption.

120 velvet shuttle looms

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