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Dyed (P x P) and (C X P)

Modern-day velvet fabrics are made from a variety of materials, from silk blends to cotton or polyester. Velvet, after all, refers not to the type of material but to the structure of the fabric; velvet has a pile formed from cut and brushed fibers. While conventional wisdom warns to not bleach velvet, as long as it is a natural fiber, such as cotton, it bleaches well if the process is performed properly. The result is a stunningly unusual color and texture change, perfect for all-over color changes or resist bleach discharges.

The softest and most luxurious of the velvet fabrics, 9000 velvet is used in Sarees, Dresses, Garment making & Menswear etc. 9000 velvet comes in a variety of elegant colors. Apart from fashion, it can also be used in jewelry boxes, curtains, seat covers, cushion covers, bags, etc.

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